Undergraduate Chapter

Alpha Delta Chapter

William Jewell College

The Alpha Delta Chapter was established on 01/20/1887 at William Jewell College. This chapter is located in Liberty, MO.

  • Founder(s): G. R. Dupuy, E. P. Ryland
  • Established: February 5, 1887
  • Charter: January 26, 1887, J. L. Whitworth

Charter Members: John D. Green, Henry Crockett Wallace, William Dayton Buckley, Benton Maret, Charles Henry Avery, James Allen Beauchamp, Oliver Phipp Wells, William Henry Salmon

Distinguished Alumni

  • William E. Dreyer – Initiated 1957 – Former Senior Executive Vice President, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company; 39th Knight Commander of Kappa Alpha Order, 2011 to 2015
  • Henry C. Chiles – Initiated 1903 – 17th Knight Commander of Kappa Alpha Order, 1916 to 1926
  • Zel M. Fischer – Initiated 1982 – judge, Missouri Supreme Court