Undergraduate Chapter

Alpha Upsilon Chapter

University of Mississippi

The Alpha Upsilon Chapter was established on 01/12/1900 at University of Mississippi. This chapter is located in Oxford, MS.

  • Founder(s): M. T. Ormond, C. P. Manship, H. G. Fridge, J. A. Teat, A. L. Thompson, J. E. Ashcraft
  • Charter: January 12, 1900, J. L. Hardeman
  • Charter Members: Marvin Thomas Ormond, John Agrippa Redhead

Distinguished Alumni

  • Dr. E. Douglas Hodo – Initiated 1965 – former President, Houston Baptist University
  • Ben Ferguson – Initiated 2002 – conservative radio talk show host, author
  • Cooper Manning – Initiated 1993 – Television program host