Sigma Beta Commission

United States Naval Academy

The Sigma Beta is a board of alumni of Kappa Alpha Order who are appointed by the Knight Commander (national president). The board exists to elect new men to join Kappa Alpha Order who are graduates from or faculty/staff/administrators from the USNA. There is no active chapter nor a fraternity to join or start at the institution; rather the Order is honored to initiate graduates into our ranks. This process is similar to the 100-year old tradition with our Beta Commission for graduates of Virginia Military Institute and the Theta Commission for graduates of The Citadel, and the Sigma Alpha Commission for graduates of USMA.

Men who join KA through the Sigma Beta Commission do not become members until they graduate.

Join KA’s like ADM Richard E. Byrd and RADM Richmond P. Hobson, both graduates, in our Order!


  • Formally authorized by 39th Knight Commander William E. Dreyer.
  • National Staff Liaison, Jesse S. Lyons.


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