Sigma Gamma Commission

United States Air Force Academy

A group of Denver KA alumni have organized an effort to further the Order’s Commission program. Following the Order’s Constitution and Bylaws, the brothers petitioned the Knight Commander to establish a Commission to elect graduates, faculty, staff, and administrators to membership in Kappa Alpha Order. The Advisory Council of the Order voted unanimously at their annual meeting to authorize the Knight Commander to create this entity.

A “Commission” is an equal substitute where an Active Chapter cannot be placed. The first KA commission was established formally in 1915 to replace VMI’s Beta Chapter. VMI prohibited fraternities from operating with cadets on and off Post. Commissions allow the KA “tradition” to continue for these schools while not interfering with the daily military structure or violate school policy regarding fraternities.

Commissions are appointed “Boards” of alumni, selected by the Knight Commander, for the primary purpose of elected current and prior year graduates. They may also elect faculty, staff, and administrators of the institution to which they are assigned. Commissions may be established for any institution where the Order has previously had an Active Chapter, or for any of the U.S. federal military academies.

Contact Jesse S. Lyons, Assistant Executive Director for Advancement, for any questions. Recommend a potential brother for one of these commissions.