More ways to give

Foundation Chapters

Since its inception in 2010, the KAOEF’s undergraduate giving program continues to set the standard in the fraternal world. The Foundation Chapter program is an effort for current active brothers to support KAOEF, and commit themselves to helping ensure that the programs they currently enjoy and benefit from will continue for future members of their chapter. Each chapter has each member contribute $18.65 to the KAOEF to qualify. This show of support is a true testament of the benefit that active brothers are receiving from KAOEF. Each contribution goes towards continuing both annual scholarships and award-winning KAOEF sponsored programming for our undergraduate brothers. [Become a Foundation Chapter today.]

Matching Gift Program

Many donors and/or spouses work for companies with matching gift programs. If you or your spouse qualifies, your company may match gifts to The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation, sometimes doubling or even tripling the value of your support. To find out whether your employer provides a matching gift benefit, check with the company’s personnel department, or check out our online search form. [Search for companies with a matching gift program.]

Pledges over time

You may choose to pledge your outright gift over as many as five years. You can make a pledge by filling out the pledge form. You may realize tax benefits for each payment, and the Foundation can use your payments as soon as they are received. To help manage pledge payments, the Foundation provides you with periodic reminders of pledge balances and future payments.

Your American Express account

Use points, make a donation, and all through American Express’s simple Members Give website. [Amex giving.]

Gift of Securities

This typically involves publicly traded shares, such as those traded on the major exchanges and over the counter, as well as most mutual funds. Gifts of privately held stock, though more complex, are also possible. Supporting the KAOEF with a gift of securities can provide significant tax benefits for the donor – bypassing capital gains taxes and providing a valuable income tax deduction – both of which effectively reduce the cost of making a gift. To coordinate any gift of securities, please contact the KAOEF at or 540-463-1865 . Here is a list of securities that we can accept with our account information: 1) Public stock transfer, 2) Private Stock Transfer, 3) Mutual funds transfer. Please use the following account information when giving securities:

Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation
Wells Fargo Advisors, DTC number 0141
Account number 3143-7352
217 South Main Street
Lexington, VA 24450
(540) 463-2998

For more information, contact us.

Real Estate Gifts

Many types of real estate can be used to make a gift to the KAOEF: a personal residence, farm, undeveloped land, or commercial property. Making a gift of real estate requires, at a minimum, an appraisal, environmental review, and deed. As a donor of real estate, you receive an income tax deduction and avoid capital gains tax. In addition, donors of outright gifts typically avoid maintenance costs, property taxes, insurance, and other on-going expenses. For more information, contact us.

Life Insurance Gifts

There are various ways to support the KAOEF with an outright gift of life insurance. A paid–up policy that you no longer need can be cashed in to benefit the Foundation, establish an endowed fund, or assist a capital building project or other need. Your income tax deduction would be roughly equal to the surrender value of the policy. A current policy (on which premiums are being paid) can be used to make an outright gift for which your income tax deduction would be roughly equal to the policy’s surrender value. Continued premium payments you make would also be tax deductible. There are other ways to make a gift of life insurance that do not involve transferring ownership of the policy: You can name the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation as beneficiary of any life insurance policy you own. Simply complete a form supplied by your insurer. If your employer provides group term life insurance and pays the premiums, you can name the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation the beneficiary of that policy and avoid paying taxes you would otherwise incur on the premiums. For more information, contact us.

Charitable Lead Trusts

Charitable lead trusts are often used to transfer significant assets to family members at a future date with the intent of avoiding large estate or gift tax consequences. Through this special gift arrangement, you can use an asset to provide an income stream to the KAOEF — beginning now and lasting for a specified number of years — and in the future, pass the remaining assets to those you name. If the term of years is long enough, and the rate of payout high enough, it is possible to pass assets to heirs free of estate taxes.  Charitable lead trusts may also be appropriate for reducing income taxes in years when you have unusually high income that places you in a higher tax bracket, or to generate cash from immediate tax savings that can be invested in a unique opportunity. For more information, contact us.

Personal Property and Gifts in Kind

The KAOEF benefits from a surprising range of gifts of tangible personal property and gifts-in-kind such as artwork, collectibles, books, and many other items. Both the value to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation and your potential tax benefits depend upon the use of the gift. For tangible personal property gifts with “unrelated use,” the donor can typically deduct the cost basis, usually the purchase price paid by the donor for the property. To learn more about donating tangible personal property and gifts–in–kind, contact the KAOEF.