Province Commander Nomination

Pursuant to the Constitution and Bylaws, the Knight Commander has requested nominations for the office of province commander.

Nomination Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are province commanders appointed?

At the 74th Convention in 2011, the delegates approved the amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws to vest in the Knight Commander the duty to appoint the province commanders.

From whom may he appoint a province commander?

The Knight Commander shall appoint a candidate nominated by a qualified Active or Alumni Chapter within a particular province.

Whom may the chapters nominate?

The province commander who previously held the office may be nominated along with any other members of the Order who are eligible and qualified.

What are the qualifications and who is or isn’t eligible?

Those members of the Order who have been a part or full time employee of the Order shall not be eligible to become a Province Commander until three full years have elapsed after his employment has terminated.  The Province Commander shall not be eligible to serve as Alumnus Advisor of an Active Chapter except as allowed by the Knight Commander.

What is the initial process?

Upon the notification to the Knight Commander of a vacancy in the office of province commander, including the expiration of a province commander’s term of office, the Executive Director shall solicit nominations from qualified Active Alumni Chapters. This notification will include the Knight Commander’s request for nominations, a nomination form, and pertinent provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws.

To whom are nominations are submitted?

Nominations are submitted to the Knight Commander by sending them to the Executive Director. This can be done online or in letter form.

What happens when all nominees are submitted?

At the conclusion of the nomination period, the Executive Director will notify the nominee(s) that they, and any other nominees, have been placed into consideration for the office of province commander. They will have one week to reply in the affirmative that they will serve if selected. At the conclusion of the affirmation period, or earlier if all responses are submitted, the Executive Director will forward the names of the nominee(s) to the Knight Commander for consideration, investigation if needed, and appointment.

How will the Knight Commander choose a province commander?

If necessary, nominee(s) will then be contacted to arrange for an in person or phone interview with the Knight Commander. Staff will arrange for any required travel and interviews.

When is the process over?

After the nomination and affirmation process and any necessary interviews, the Knight Commander shall appoint a province commander.

How will notification be made?

A notification memo from the Executive Director will then be sent via email to all Active Chapters, Alumni Chapters, and Commissions, within the province boundaries, the same being sent to all Greek Life Professionals at schools with Active & provisional chapters. A list of duties will be sent to each new province commander. Upon the appointment of all province commanders, a full listing will be sent to the Advisory Council, KAOEF Board of Trustees, and Former Knight Commanders.