25 and 50 year Certification

Celebrate your membership milestone

You remember that day when you were initiated. Did you think you’d be enjoying membership in Kappa Alpha Order in your latter years of life? How about 25 or 50 some odd years later?

Kappa Alpha Order is a lifetime experience. You gave time, talent and treasure to your chapter while you were on campus. All alumni should consider giving back to the Order in some fashion throughout their lives.

No matter your level of involvement, the Order does provide each alumni, upon their 25 or 50 year membership anniversaries, a special certificate denoting their milestone.

These are not automatically sent and issued. Please contact Lorin Wilhelm at the national administrative office, to request your certificate. You can reach her at (540) 463-1865 or lwilhelm@ka-order.org.

When you receive your certificate, display it proudly. Show your friends. And maybe, consider how you could continue to repay the Order for those years of memories, accomplishments, and friends.