Number III Resources


Number III jewel9-133. The III – Recording Secretary. The III shall keep full minutes of the chapter proceedings in a permanent minute book; call the roll at the opening and closing of each meeting of the chapter or the active members thereof; furnish the VII during the progress of each meeting with a list of absentees upon all roll calls not theretofore presented to him; read the minutes of the previous meeting; submit his minutes to the I for his approval and signature; supervise the IV in keeping the files of chapter correspondence; and be responsible to the I for the minute book and other records of the chapter used directly in connection with chapter meetings. He shall also serve as the scholarship officer for the Active Chapter.

Leadership Education

Officer Training Conference logoOfficer Training Conference – Each spring, thousands of KA undergraduates gather to attend our regional educational programs. From small group discussion, to large group facilitation, members are engaged for a day and a half. You’ll learn from other officers in your position, alumni facilitators, and from expert speakers. All 9 Chapter Officers are REQUIRED to attend Officer Training Conference. 

Officer Resources

  • Number III’s Transition Guide – Just got elected? This is where to start. It has checklists for transition items, evaluations of where your chapter is currently, goal setting for your role, and much more!
  • Chapter Meeting – This supplement will provide you with the tools and information you need to run your chapter meetings more efficiently.
  • Birkman Method Colors – Learn how to work with your officers better based on their personalities.
  • Scholarship Manual – Perhaps the most important area of chapter operations is chapter scholarship. As a fraternity we should be instilling our members with a desire to achieve excellence especially in the classroom, the reason we went to college.
  • Brains, Books, and Brotherhood – read the comprehensive scholarship manual that was developed by Former Knight Commander Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr. (For more resources on scholarship, please go to the academics/scholarship page under the undergraduate section.)
  • Contact My ADCS – Your Associate Director for Chapter Services is your go-to person. They work for the National Administrative Office and are there to help you through issues and improve your chapter.