Crisis Management

If there is an incident at your chapter, please complete the following steps IMMEDIATELY. A staff member of the National Administrative Office will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

  1. Get emergency help, if needed, by calling 911.
  2. Contact Assistant Executive Director for Chapter Services Anthony Graziani at (540) 784-8520. If unavailable, leave a message and call Executive Director Larry Wiese at (540) 319-1865. If unavailable, leave a message and call the National Administrative Office at (540) 463-1865. Leave a message with receptionist or voice mail.
  3. Collect all pertinent information (involved parties, time, location, hospitalizations, etc.) AND submit via the Initial Risk Management Incident Notice form below.
  4. Coordinate chapter meeting, if allowed, to reiterate Media and Communications policy and gather all facts. If necessary, use your predetermined Emergency Meeting Place.
  5. Continue to assess the situation with appropriate staff and volunteers and, where needed, the college/university administrators.
  6. Complete in detail and submit the Risk Management Incident Report.
  7. Continue to follow instructions as given by the National Administrative Office until the entire situation is resolved.

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