Kappa Alpha Order

Number I


Number I_Jewel9-131. The I – President. The I shall cause the chapter to obey the laws of the Order and the lawful requirements of its officers; preside at all meetings of the chapter; maintain good order and decorum; secure in discussion the observance of parliamentary rules; submit questions to vote at the proper stage; cause meetings to be held as prescribed; privately counsel with and advise the chapter officers concerning the discharge of their duties; require respect for and compliance with the customs of the Order; and exercise, in a fraternal spirit, a general supervision and control over all of the business and workings of the Active Chapter. The I shall be responsible for all of the property of his chapter of whatever nature and shall provide for its safekeeping during all vacations.

Leadership Education

Number I’s Leadership Institute (NLI)NLI is an intensive informational and educational retreat that focuses to educate and empower each Number I. You will understand your role and responsibility as the chapter’s highest elected officer, gain tools and support systems, and learn the standards and policies of operating a chapter. All Number Is are REQUIRED to attend NLI which takes place in early January every year. View more information and register HERE!

Province Council – Each spring, thousands of KA undergraduates gather to attend our regional educational programs. From small group discussion, to large group facilitation, members are engaged for a day and a half. You’ll learn from other officers in your position, alumni facilitators, and from expert speakers. All 9 Chapter Officers are REQUIRED to attend Province Council. 

Officer Resources

Number I’s Transition Guide – Just got elected? This is where to start. It has checklists for transition items, evaluations of where your chapter is currently, goal setting questions to set your vision of where you want your chapter to go, and much more!

Birkman Method Colors – Learn how to work with your officers better based on their personalities.

Chapter Meeting – This guide provides you with the tools you need to run efficient chapter meetings that will be valuable to your members even after graduation.

Active Chapter Expectation Guide – These are the basic expectations that all chapters must achieve at all times.

Contact My ADCS – Your Associate Director for Chapter Services is your go-to person. They work for the National Administrative Office and are there to help you through issues and improve your chapter.


Award for Chapter Excellence Application – Submit your application for the George C. Marshall and Samuel Zenas Ammen Awards for Chapter Excellence, as well as the Carl Albert Most Improved Chapter Award, and awards for scholarship, membership, recruitment, Project Outreach, finances, and communications.  All entries must be received by November 19th at 11:59 PM Eastern.