Kappa Alpha Order

Number IX


9-139. The IX – Marshal. The IX shall be responsible to the I for the safekeeping and preservation of the paraphernalia and chapter room properties of the chapter and shall introduce to the chapter at each chapter meeting any alumni or other visiting brothers present.

Leadership Education

Province Council – Each spring, thousands of KA undergraduates gather to attend our regional educational programs. From small group discussion, to large group facilitation, members are engaged for a day and a half. You’ll learn from other officers in your position, alumni facilitators, and from expert speakers. All 9 Chapter Officers are REQUIRED to attend Province Council. 

Officer Resources

Number IX’s Transition Guide – Just got elected? This is where to start. It has checklists for transition items, evaluations of where your chapter is currently, goal setting for your role, and much more!

Birkman Method Colors – Learn how to work with your officers better based on their personalities.

Council of Honor – The next step in your members’ education is the Council of Honor program. This in-depth study of the Kappa Alpha Laws and our ritual will give you members a better understanding of Kappa Alpha Order. Request ritual discussion questions by contacting your ADCS.

Contact My ADCS – Your Associate Director for Chapter Services is your go-to person. They work for the National Administrative Office and are there to help you through issues and improve your chapter.


Stewards of the Order –  An interactive ritual-based workshop thats place during the Emerging Leaders Academy, typically in June, in Lexington, Virginia.

Council of Honor Manual– Council of Honor is KA’s laws and ritual education program.

Making your Initiation Ceremony more Impactful

Letter to Initiation Host – This letter can be sent to the church or other location where you are holding your chapter’s initiation. It gives them a little more information on KA.

5 Activities to Enhance Initiation

KA Devotional Guide & Resources