National Staff

SGM E. Kent McMichael


Beta Commission–VMI ’95

SGM E. Kent McMichael (Beta Commission–VMI ’95) is the Archivist for the Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office. He retired from the United States Army with 33 plus years of service, 19 years which were overseas to include 2 ½ years in combat zones. SGM McMichael holds a total of 8 decoration, 19 awards, plus Combat Infantry Badge with Second Award, Ranger Tab, Senior Airborne Wings (577 jumps), Army Staff Badge and Drill Sergeant Badge. SGM McMichael holds a BA in Education, with a Masters’ in History (American Military 1866-1916). Since retirement in 1993 from the US Army, he has been the Director of Museum at the George C. Marshall Foundation and Owner of the Lexington Carriage Co. He has been inducted into the Courts of Honor of Ammen and Hamilton Provinces. He also is a member of the Military Division of Kappa Alpha Order, participant of Stewards of the Order and Leadership KA.