Distinguished Achievement Award

Founded in: 1948 – No. Awarded: 20

marshall receiving distinguished achievement

Kappa Alpha recognizes alumni through a number of various awards and honors, the highest of which is the Distinguished Achievement Award. This award recognizes those alumni who have made outstanding contributions in their profession and to their country. Only 20 have been bestowed. The first one was presented to George C. Marshall in 1948. The award was established for distinguished achievement to be made by a member of the Order based upon the following: Outstanding service to the United States in the Army, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Air Force or the Coast Guard, and previously recognized by the United States Government; or outstanding service in public work for the United States Government, or for one of the states and such services result in national prominence and recognition; or outstanding service to mankind in literary, professional, scientific, or educational fields, resulting in national public acknowledgment of and praise for such service. The Executive Council grants this award at its discretion and only upon a unanimous vote by secret ballot.

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