2021 ELA Schedule

Monday, June 21st

1:30pm Conference Registration, Lobby

5:30pm Dinner, Dining Room

6:30pm Welcome, Hollifield Hall
Evan M. Hanna, Director of Chapter Operations

6:45pm Leadership Lecturer #1 – Values in Action, Hollifield Hall
Marlon L. Gibson, Ph.D., Director of Community Engagment

8:15pm Team Meeting #1 – Goals for Your Experience
See page 4 for meeting locations.

9:15pm Track Session #1
See page 4 for meeting locations.

10:30pm Team Challenge #1 – Dodgeball

Tuesday, June 22nd

8:30am Breakfast, Dining Room

9:00am Team Meeting #2 – Project Outreach, Social Media, and Public Relations

10:00am Into the Streets Service Projects

12:30pm Lunch, Dining Room

2:00pm Track Session #2

3:30pm Team Meeting #2 – Active Chapter Expectations

4:30pm Leadership Lecturer #2 – “The Five Marks of a Man”, Hollifield Hall
Brian Tome

5:30pm Dinner, Dining room

6:45pm Track Session #3

8:00pm Leadership Lecturer #3 – The Modern Gentleman, Hollifield Hall
Hunter M. Lipscomb, Irwin Province Commander

9:00pm Team Meeting #4 – Implementing Values into Organizational Leadership and Effectiveness

10:00pm Team Challenge #2 – Capture the Flag

Wednesday, June 23rd

8:00am Breakfast, Dining Room

9:00am Knight Commander’s Address, Hollifield Hall
C. Douglas Simmons III, Knight Commander

10:00am Track Session #4

10:45am Reframing Risk Management, Hollifield Hall
Kim Novak
Anthony M. Graziani, Assistant Executive Director for Chapter Services

12:00pm Lunch, Dining Room

1:00pm Team Meeting #5 – Recruitment and Retention

2:00pm Track Session #5

3:00pm Lake Time

5:30pm Dinner, Dining Room

6:30pm Independence Fund and Track Chairs for Wounded Veterans, Hollifield Hall
Michael Esposito

7:30pm Advocating for the KA Experience, Hollifield Hall
Larry Stanton Wiese, Executive Director

8:30pm Team Meeting #6 – The Need for Personal Accountability

9:30pm Team Challenge #3 – Night Hike and Bonfire

Thursday, June 24th

7:30am Breakfast, Dining Room

8:00am Check Out
All attendees must be checked out of the dorms by 8:00am

8:30am Track Session #6

9:30am Group Photo, Hollifield Hall

9:45am Worship Service & Recognition Ceremony, Hollifield Hall

Dwain P. Knight, National Chaplain

10:30am Departure