Brothers Meet at Navy ROTC Career Training

Jared Tam and Patrick Ford in humvee

Jared Tam (Beta Sigma–Southern California ’24) is in Navy ROTC at USC and attended CORTRAMID (Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen) this summer based out of San Diego.

“It is required training going into your sophomore year of college,” Jared said. “It is a month of 4 different types of work environments.”

Environments include a week of Marines, aviation, surface warfare, and submarines. Then they pick the type of field they want their senior year, and, after graduation, they are commissioned as a Navy Officer.

At Cortramid, Jared met Patrick C. Ford (Chi–Vanderbilt ’24), also attending as a Navy ROTC Midshipmen.

“[We] met our second day at CORTRAMID while at breakfast,” Patrick said. “We just sat next to each other and started taking and found out we were both in KA. The whole experience was pretty cool, especially knowing there was another brother there. We talked a lot about our chapters and the similarities and differences of our pledging and initiation.”