Centenary Alumnus Publishes Debut Book Honoring Autistic Sons

Merrill C. Wautlet, Jr. (Alpha Iota–Centenary ’78) just celebrated the publishing of his first book titled The Rat.

“What makes this book such a joy to read is the heart behind it,” author Joy Rancatore said in her book review on Goodreads.com. “Through the fictional account of an abducted autistic child, the reader discovers the unquenchable love, pride and commitment of anyone who knows someone like “The Rat.” An unlikely hero, Andre defies odds and shatters stereotypes in this heart-pounding thriller. His story includes mystery, intrigue, government cover-ups and more as he’s joined in his personal mission by a cast of characters I won’t soon forget.”

Merrill Wautlet is a career finance professional in the banking industry. Prior to entering that profession, he spent two years as a teacher and a coach. He also has served on multiple community non-profit boards.

A native of New Orleans, Mr. Wautlet now resides in Shreveport. He is the proud father of two sons, M.C., aged 29, and Andrew, aged 26 (as of the first printing of this book), both of who have autism. His hobbies include blogging, working out, and traveling. The Rat is his first book.

Merrill previously served as the Alpha Iota Chapter Alumnus Advisor, has been inducted into the White Province Court of Honor, is a member of the Loyal Order, and was a member of the KAOEF’s Crimson & Gold Society in 2018.