KAOEF Recognized for Best New Development Idea

On Tuesday, August 24, 2021, the Foundation for Fraternal Excellence held its 2021 Awards Program and honored nine member organizations for their outstanding work and for excelling and innovating in particular areas. The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAEOF) was recognized with the Best New Development Idea for the Rose Circle of the Crimson & Gold Society.

Every organization has allies outside of their own membership, but how many utilize these allies to further their fundraising goals? The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation used the support of nonmembers to reach their goal of 1,000 donors at $1,000 per year or more. Their nonmember giving society, Rose Circle of the Crimson and Gold, has monthly planning and progress calls led by these volunteers and bi-weekly new member reports so the new members are appropriately thanked by staff and volunteers.

The KAOEF would like to thank Judy Schmuck, Kitty deKieffer, and Dawn Wiese for their time and effort in ensuring the success of this program.