Planning a Blood Drive in 4 Steps

Blood DriveOperation Crimson Gift is KA’s nation-wide effort to benefit local communities by hosting blood drives. This not only has a huge positive impact locally, but regionally and nationally as well with someone in the U.S needing blood every two seconds.

So how can you and your chapter help? Host a blood drive!

The process is pretty simple.

  1. Find and Contact a Blood Center
    In many states, there will be a state-run blood center, like the Oklahoma Blood Institute or Virginia Blood Services. Give it a Google search or visit or the American Red Cross if you need help finding a center. Typically, blood centers want you to plan your drive 3 months in advance.
  2. Select an Appropriate Location
    Discuss the location needs with the blood center. A KA or house of  partner sorority could be appropriate, but if you don’t  have a suitable house, contact your Greek Advisor to see if there is a room in the student union or other building that you could reserve.  Remember, a place that is easy to access and has a lot of foot traffic is best!
  3. Solicit Volunteers
    The blood center will handle the blood, but they will need help in getting people checked-in, assisting donors to and from the beds/chairs, and handing out snacks to donors. Schedule members of your chapter, and possibly members of partner sorority, in hour-long shifts in advance.
  4. Promote & Recruit Donors
    Set a goal of donors with the blood center, then do everything that you can to exceed that number! Your blood center should be able to assist with posters and flyers. Utilize social media, school email/announcement boards, meeting and classroom announcements, and any other way to recruit donors. Also, you should encourage each member of your chapter to recruit so many donors, themselves  included.
  5. Share Your Efforts & Results
    Post collection results and photos from the drive on social media, put together a press release for your local and school newspapers, and submit your efforts with KA using this form. Don’t forget to document for school award applications as well.

Utilize this blood drive checklist for thoroughness.