Texas Tech Alumnus Named as Alumnus Advisor of the Year

Alumnus Advisor of the Year Shannon DeVaney (Gamma Chi–Texas Tech ’76) with Knight Commander Simmons

During the 79th Convention and Brotherhood Weekend held at The Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona, C. Shannon Devaney (Gamma Chi–Texas Tech ’76) was presented with the Order’s Alumnus Advisor of the Year award. This recognition is given annually to recognize an alumnus advisor for excellence and achievement.

Shannon was born in Big Spring, Texas, on May 5, 1955. He was raised in West Texas in family farming and ranching. He graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor Of Science in Agriculture Economics/Ranch Management, in 1978. For his first job out of college, he worked as a full-time cowboy on a ranch in Central Texas, making $50 a week, plus room and board. In 1979 he began in the insurance industry continuing to this day. He is a self-employed Insurance Broker. He lives outside of Lubbock, Texas, with my his Thea. Together they have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

After initiation in 1975, he became very active in chapter activities, including chairing committees and initiating the Kalf Fry at Texas Tech, which has become a major campus event for several charities, including MDA, involving multiple organizations. Upon returning to west Texas, he became involved with the Alumni Advisory Committee for 11 years. Since January of 2018, he has served as Alumnus Advisor. He has been a facilitator for the Number I’s Leadership Institute and Province Councils, and was inducted into Mikell Province Court of Honor in 2012. To quote Shannon, “My involvement with Kappa Alpha Order and it’s Gamma Chi Chapter has been a highlight of my life. I am proud to be a KA.”

Shannon DeVaney (Gamma Chi–Texas Tech ’76) with Knight Commander Simmons and Former Knight Commander Idris R. Trayor, Jr. (Gamma Chi–Texas Tech ’70)