Photo by Alex Luevano

The folk and indie rock group West 22nd has become popular on the campus of the University of Texas and is expanding its fanbase around Austin, and it is led by two undergraduate KA brothers, Logan J. Madsen (Omicron–Texas ’21) and Jeremy J. Ancheta (Omicron–Texas ’22).  With a unique sound and a setlist that includes covers from The Backseat Lovers to Fleetwood Mac, and even some original songs, the band’s recent rounds of gigs include fraternities and philanthropic events.

It all began last year when Ancheta heard the guitar talents of Gabe Acevedo, another student at UT, during an open mic night. They shortly realized that the three of them all lived in The Callaway House. Quickly becoming good friends, they named the group after the street where they all lived.

“We started jamming in Callaway, and one thing led to another,” said Madsen, a finance sophomore and the band’s lead singer. “We thought we should get a full band together and see how we sound.”

The trio decided to expand, seeking interest through the old-school method of posting flyers around campus. After gaining interest, they invited bassist Nakul Nagaraj and drummer Doug Blatt to join them.

After a debut performance at the KA house, the band recorded some original songs and started booking more gigs including Chi Omega’s Dream Jam and a gig in College Station with hopes of fulfilling a lifelong dream of performing.

“I’ve been a concertgoer my whole life, and being a fan of other people and now having people come see (us) is a blessing,” Madsen said. “I never thought I could find as much joy as I have, and it’s definitely something I would do full-time.”