Turner Makes $100k Gift to Ole Miss for School of Accountancy Building

Jon C. Turner (Alpha Upsilon–Mississippi ’75), a fourth-generation Ole Miss gradaute, recently donated $100,000 to the University of Mississippi for the construction of a new building on the Oxford campus to house the Patterson School of Accountancy.

“I’ve given to Ole Miss every year since my graduation, but this is a time when I wanted to step it up even more because of the huge opportunity the Patterson School has with this project,” said Turner who is a 1978 accountancy graduate, member of the steering committee for the new building, and a 2021 Patterson School Hall of Fame inductee.

Turner is a Forever KA participant,  a member of the Loyal Order, has been inducted into Irwin Province Court of Honor, a six-year member of the KAOEF’s Crimson & Gold Society, and a recipient of the Knight Commander’s Accolade.

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