West Florida Recognized for Campus Engagement

The University of West Florida Provisional Chapter received an award from Fraternity and Sorority Life for Campus Engagement.

“I believe that campus engagement is a very important aspect of fraternity sorority life,” Number I James “Ryley” Barker said. “Not only does it help the members of your organization see how other organizations work but also gives you the opportunity to learn more leadership skills that you can then use in your own organization.”

The chapter worked to continuously interact with other organizations on campus, ensuring that at least one brother attended every event on campus. Additionally, they encouraged brothers to take leadership positions in other organizations.

“It really helps in getting your name out there,” Ryley added. “Since we are still a provisional chapter one of the hardest things to do is get people to see that KA is just as impactful as any other organization on campus and being active on campus is a really easy way to show that. Also being a part of other organizations helps to break down the false stigma that nonaffiliated members have about fraternities. From these efforts, we have not only seen success in being awarded the Campus Engagement Award, but also the Breakthrough Organization of the Year Award, the Most Improved Recruitment Award, and the Scholarship Award.”