Kappa Alpha Order

Number VI


9-136. The VI – Purser. The VI shall collect all fees, dues, fines and assessments; keep the financial records of the chapter; have custody of the funds of the chapter; be responsible to the I for the safekeeping of all property of the chapter for which another officer of the chapter, exclusive of the I, is not responsible; and report to the chapter as often and in such detail as may be required by the chapter or the I, at least once a month, the status of each member’s account with the chapter or with the Order, the accounts of the chapter, and such other matters as may be disclosed from the chapter’s financial records.

Leadership Education

Province Council – Each spring, thousands of KA undergraduates gather to attend our regional educational programs. From small group discussion, to large group facilitation, members are engaged for a day and a half. You’ll learn from other officers in your position, alumni facilitators, and from expert speakers. All 9 Chapter Officers are REQUIRED to attend Province Council. 

Officer Resources

Number VI’s Transition Guide – Just got elected? This is where to start. It has checklists for transition items, evaluations of where your chapter is currently, goal setting for your role, and much more!

Birkman Method Colors – Learn how to work with your officers better based on their personalities.

Contact My ADCS – Your Associate Director for Chapter Services is your go-to person. They work for the National Administrative Office and are there to help you through issues and improve your chapter.


OmegaFi goKA National Reporting Instructions Memo – This will instruct you on the procedures to make a payment, and complete online National Reports 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 10. Steps 1-4 also describe how each individual member may log in to access his account and pay his chapter dues.

REPORT 1: Roster Updates – This flyer with screenshots will help walk you though the process of updating your membership roster. This should be done throughout the year, but most especially immediately before August 26 and January 27 to ensure correct billing of National Dues and Risk Management Fees.

REPORT 2: Adding Members Awaiting Initiation – This flyer with screenshots will help walk you though the process of reporting the induction of new members and adding them to OmegaFi. This can be done throughout the year, but must be completed within 48 hours of Induction.

Report 3: Tax Affiliate Return Prep – This form should be completed and returned to David Hawkins, CPA for 990 and 990EZ filing purposes.

Report 3: Tax Affiliate Return Prep Instructions – This document will give you instructions and tips for filing the Tax Affiliate Return Prep.

REPORT 10: Officer Updates – This flyer with screenshots will help walk you through the process of updating your chapter’s officers. This should be done throughout the year, but most especially immediately before the December 5 deadline as officer elections are to take place between November 1st and December 1st.

Funds of the Order Memo – This memo details how chapters should utilize OmegaFi’s Bill Pay service to simplify the payment of all national dues and fees.

Updated Accounts Receivable Policy – This details the accounts receivable policy for KA Chapters.