Knight Commander’s Medal

Founded in: 2007 – No. Awarded: 20

Knight Commander's Medal

The Knight Commander’s Medal was established in 2007 by the Executive Council, at the request of Former Knight Commander J. Michael Duncan, to recognize brothers who demonstrate “Courage” and “Character” in the face of “Adversity.”

To recognize such remarkable acts of heroism and courage – the most conspicuous kind of intervention – Knight Commander Duncan, as one of his first acts in 2007, proposed the creation of a new award for undergraduates. The 34th Executive Council acted accordingly at the the Order’s 72nd Convention and the award was created. “After hearing of many such acts over the years, I was concerned that there was no formal recognition,” said Duncan.

Once the Knight Commander’s Medal was authorized by the Executive Council in 2007, the process for creating an appropriate design began. Several ideas were put forth, but nothing was agreeable. One design that had made it through the jewelry company came close to being accepted by the Executive Council at their next meeting. The design was agreeable to everyone, but it didn’t resonate enough for final approval, so it was tabled for further development. While in Washington D.C. for Alpha Nu Chapter’s instillation at The George Washington University in Jan. of 2008, Knight Commander Duncan visited the Masonic Scottish Rite Temple. While on tour, he spotted a jewel in a showcase and knew immediately he’d found what they had been looking for. It was a jewel with the relief of George Washington in the center of the overall look and feel would work perfectly. A few iPhone photos were sent to the jeweler and after several conference calls and emails, the finished product was produced and delivered in time for official use at the 2009 Convention inWashington D.C. last summer.

“One of the most satisfying duties for me as Knight Commander was to honor three undergraduate brothers who had answered thcall of duty and performed acts of bravery and heroism,” 38th Knight Commander J. Michael Duncan wrote in his letter to the fall 2007 edition of The Kappa Alpha Journal. “Matt Sicuranza of Beta Rho Chapter at Roanoke College and Daniel Brinson and Terrell Webb of Auburn University’s Nu Chapter each performed acts that saved lives, and I was honored to bring these young men to the attention of the Convention. Their actions were the catalyst for the creation of the Knight Commander‘s Medal authorized by the 34th Executive Council. This award is the highest award that can be given by the Knight Commander to a deserving undergraduate who haperformed an act of bravery or heroism, and brought honor to the Order by his actions. These three young men were awarded Knight‘s Templar swords, but will also be the recipients of the first Knight Commander‘s Medals.”

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