2021 Dunwody Province Court of Honor Induction

On Saturday, August 28, 2021, the W. Elliott Dunwody Province Court of Honor held an induction ceremony at Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham/Trussville, in Birmingham, Alabama. This honors those distinguished alumni who have given their time, energy, and service to KA.

The following men were recognized and invested with the provincial cross of honor in recognition of their outstanding service to the Order and accomplishments which have brought honor to Kappa Alpha Order.

The Preceptor of the Court is Carson Palmer (Alpha Beta–Alabama ’16) and the Registrar is Jonathan Shepard (Epsilon Alpha–South Alabama ’13). Preston Pritchett (Nu–Auburn ’10) is the Province Commander. These three men teamed together to plan and host the event. In total, more than forty-five individuals attended the celebratory event, including current members, alumni members, former Province Commanders, family, and friends. Stephen Lafollette (Delta Phi–Jacksonville State ’84), who currently serves as a Councilor on the Order’s Executive Council, provided the State of the Order address.

David Carico (Epsilon–Emory ’84)

Born in Thomasville, Georiga, David was educated at Emory University, where he received a dual degree in English and History and was initiated by the Epsilon chapter in 1984. Following his graduation in 1987, he went to work for the Order’s National Administrative Headquarters as an Educational & Leadership Consultant. In 1988, he was named Director of Educational Programming, and in 1992 he was tapped to serve as the Executive Director of the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation, a post he held until 2002. During his tenure with the Foundation, net assets of the Foundation increased from approximately $600,000 to almost $7,000,000. In 2015, David and 3 business partners founded Columns Fundraising, a firm that helps non-profit organizations –including many fraternity and sorority chapters – with capital fundraising efforts.

Reel Howell (Nu–Auburn ’08)

Reel Howell is the current President of the Nu Chapter Housing Corporation and has served in this role the past couple of years. Reel has given back much time and effort to the chapter as an alumni brother by serving in this role. He has been involved in several housing improvements and renovations, as well as the process of refinancing the mortgage on the house that better equipped the chapter financially and making the future bright for larger renovations to come after the mortgage gets paid off in 2022. During his time on campus, Reel displayed the values to the order and phenomenal leadership serving as Number VI.

Keith Marbut (Delta Phi–Jacksonville State ’88)

Keith received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security from Jacksonville State University in 1990. Following graduation, Keith began my career with the Arab, AL Police Department where I served for fourteen years in numerous positions from Patrol Officer to Chief Investigator. Following a lifelong calling and desire, Keith joined the Alabama Department of Public Safety (now a part of ALEA – Alabama Law Enforcement Agency) as a Trooper/Traffic Homicide Investigator. In June of 2014, after serving a total of twenty-seven years in full-time enforcement positions, Keith made the decision to retire. He is currently employed as a contract Security Specialist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL.

David Merrill (Zeta Pi–Florida Gulf Coast ’08)

David Merrill served as an ADCS and the Director of Risk Management for the National Administrative Office for multiple years. During this time, David greatly assisted and influenced chapter operations in Dunwody Province. His expertise aided numerous chapters, providing safety and security for members and chapters.

Bill Nash (Delta Phi–Jacksonville State ’85)

Bill grew up in the Atlanta, GA area and attended Jacksonville State University, where I joined the Delta Phi Chapter in 1985. Bill served UPS in Sales, Sales Training, and finally as a Deployment Manager before changing careers. Bill came back to JSU as a Development Officer in 2010 and now serves JSU as the Executive Director of Development. Bill has been the Delta Phi chapter faculty advisor since March, 2010, where he has seen the chapter grow in membership, GPA, and campus leadership.

Warren Sarrell (Delta Phi–Jacksonville State ’05)

Warren Sarrell was initiated into the Delta Phi chapter of KA in 2005. Following graduation, Warren pursued a career in public service. Currently, Warren serves as the Circuit Clerk in Cleburne County, Alabama. Additionally, Warren serves as an alumnus advisor for the Delta Phi chapter.

J.E.B. Shell (Epsilon Alpha–South Alabama ’96)

While at South, Jeb received his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting. Upon graduation, Jeb went to work as an Accountant in Mobile. In 2005, he became the Chief Financial Officer of Hargrove Engineers + Constructors. He has served in this role faithfully for over 16 years. He has also been a faithful alumni to the University of South Alabama. He has served as the President of South Alabama’s National Alumni Association since 2012. Along with his contributions to KA and South Alabama, Jeb has worked alongside many philanthropic organizations. He has served as the Chairman for Feeding The Gulf Coast, an organization that helps provide nutritious food to those in need and those affected by systemic poverty, personal crisis, or disaster.

Stephen Snow (Alpha Beta–Alabama ’86)

Stephen Snow Rose above the standard as an undergraduate student at the University of Alabama, participating in numerous areas on campus. Stephen Snow avidly worked to foster positive connections between administration and KA members at UA, also attending to all of the executive suites of numerous offices. Indeed, Mr. Snow participated in SGA and the Jasons Senior Men’s Honorary, composed of the 40 “most influential men on campus.” Mr. Snow now serves at the Housing Corp. President, actively advising the Number I in all of his endeavors.

William Walker (Beta Tau–Mississippi State ’07)

While being from Beta Tau Chapter at Mississippi State University, William spent quality time improving the operations of chapters in Dunwody Province. His service to the Province as an ADCS and the Director for Alumni Engagement benefitted individual KAs and chapters in Dunwody greatly. William served as an ADCS for the National Administrative Office, serving, among others, Dunwody Province. In a different role for the NAO, William strove to increase alumni engagement in the Province and around the Order. His efforts strengthened local chapters and Alumni Advisory Committees equally.