Dawn Wiese Receives Silver Medal from North American Interfraternity Conference

During the 2022 Foundation for Fraternity Excellence (FFE) Awards of Distinction Banquet, Dr. Dawn Wiese received the North American Interfraternity Conference’s (NIC) Silver Medal. The banquet was held on Tuesday, August 30th, at the Indiana Roof Ballroom during the Dual Meeting of FFE and the NIC.

The presentation of the NIC Gold Medal and Silver Medal dates back more than 70 years, making it one of the oldest interfraternal traditions. The Silver Medal recognizes exemplary service or leadership in a role or task that has advanced the fraternal movement.

With a sincere commitment to the advancement and success of college students, Dr. Dawn Wiese has dedicated her work to furthering robust research about the fraternal experience. Her work has been a catalyst for moving advocacy for fraternities from anecdotes to peer-reviewed research studies and it has provided fraternal organizations and institutions with facts that show how fraternities directly benefit students, alumni and the bottom line of higher education. Wiese is passionate about advancing student development and never turns down a request to engage in efforts to create, educate, communicate, promote or coordinate any research effort that strengthens the overall student experience, with full recognition that through fraternities and sororities the overall college experience is significantly stronger.

Dawn, a member of Delta Delta Delta, is a founding member of the KAOEF’s Rose Circle of the Crimson & Gold Society and the wife of the Order’s Executive Director, Larry Stanton Wiese.