Mississippi State Presents Veteran with Track Chair

On May 6th, 2023, the Beta Tau chapter at Mississippi State University presented an all-terrain track chair to Captain William Bellerdine, Jr. during the Mississippi State baseball game.

CPT Bellerdine spent 14 years enlisted, 8 of those as an Officer, deploying to The Gulf War, OIF, and OEF. Due to injuries sustained while deployed, he has had two knee replacements and shoulder surgery from his clavicle being ripped out. His passions were golf and hunting; however, with his knees and shoulder, he is unable to play golf anymore as well as unable to walk distances, especially while hunting.

The Beta Tau chapter, with the help of the Independence Fund, raised $20,000 for the chair to allow Captain Bellerdine much more freedom of mobility to be able to be outdoors and to hunt with his kids.