UNC-Charlotte Holds Blood Drive that Tested for COVID-19 Antibodies

On Thursday, April 1st, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Provisional Chapter organized a campus blood drive with OneBlood. The drive, which was held in OneBlood’s “Big Red Bus” in the parking lot of the Student Activities Center, collected whole units of blood as well as platelets.

“Our chapter felt the need to host a blood drive because due to the pandemic, hospitals across the country are desperately in need of blood,” chapter president Cameron McKee. “We thought that we should do our part in helping our community by donating blood for the hospitals to have it now that they need it the most.”

According to OneBlood representative Kelly Cross, the blood is sent to Charlotte-area hospitals, and the platelet donations are primarily used to help cancer patients.

In addition to supporting local hospitals, OneBlood was offering free tests for COVID-19 antibodies for all blood donors.