West Georgia Holds Hot Dog Eating Contest for Philanthropy

On March 16th, the Zeta Kappa Chapter at the University of West Georgia co-hosted a hot dog eating contest with Sigma Nu to raise funds for the Educational Foundation and to fight against Human Trafficking.

Attendees to the event were able to enjoy hot dogs, chips, and a drink while watching four individuals compete in the eating contest, two representing KA and two representing Sigma Nu.

“I’ve been looking forward to the competition all week,” said Hunter Vaughn, a Sigma Nu competitor. “I have a strategy. I ate a big dinner yesterday, so my stomach is already stretched out a little. I haven’t eaten anything at all today. And then I have also been watching hot dog eating strategy videos on YouTube all morning.”

Following ten intense minutes of eating as many hot dogs as possible, Hunter emerged as the champion, earning a crown and trophy.

In the end, the two chapters were able to raise over $1,200 each and are looking forward to future competitions.