KA-Founded Business Promotes the Outdoors Lifestyle

A large number of Kappa Alpha Order gentlemen enter the world of business after they leave college, with many of them achieving great success. In Jacksonville, Florida, several KA brothers are involved in the operation of a thriving business whose aim is to honor the lifestyle of the outdoors and the Southern states, while also giving back to the community in a way that supports their clientele and the lifestyle they practice.

Created by Founder and President Bryan Horn (Gamma–Georgia ’00), Over Under Clothing sells premium apparel and accessories for the outdoor lifestyle, both online and in dozens of mercantile and sporting goods stores, primarily throughout the Southern states. The company also supports wetlands conservation and the welfare of at-risk dogs through donations to such organizations as Ducks Unlimited and Labrador Retriever rescue groups across the country. The company’s vice-president is another KA brother, Taylor Watson (Delta Theta–Georgia Southern ’14), while Andrew Wills (Zeta Nu–North Florida ‘18) is the company’s office administrator.

With a BS in political science and government, Wills wears several different hats in the Over Under organization. “This is what I plan to do with my future,” he said. “I graduated and became a police officer and found out that was not what I wanted to do with my life. So I settled into a completely different industry here at Over Under, and I love it. I’m taking on new tasks, getting a lot of experience in new areas that I’ve been able to learn.”

The company is named Over Under for the iconic over/under shotgun, and the company’s motto is “Preserving the sporting lifestyle.” Over Under’s focus is on clothing and other items for the outdoors type of person, which Wills counts himself among. “It’s about the whole lifestyle and the traditions behind it,” he said. “When Bryan first got into the business in 2010, I guess it wasn’t so flooded with other companies manufacturing clothing in the realm of the Southern clothing brand, and he became sort of a pioneer in that business. The company sponsors some of the best shooters in the country and tries to be involved in different things like shooting and Southern artwork and the hunting and fishing world, various events and competitions. I’ve always had a passion for fishing, and I’m trying to expand myself and to get more immersed in the industry as well as the sport of it.”

Wills said that his college years as a KA active, and the fact that Over Under is helmed by other KAs who have set an example of how to run a successful business, have helped him as he settles into a long-term career in this industry. “I found this company through a KA connection,” he said, “and then I found out that Bryan and Taylor are also KAs. I was the Zeta Nu Number II, and Bryan was also the Number II at Gamma. The reason I think I relate so well to Bryan and Taylor is because of having the same core values that were instilled in us in KA. Being able to work with guys who have the same KA values that I do, it helps with the job every day.”

“Overall,” Wills said, “KA instilled a social construct and a moral value in me. And in a lot of other gentlemen that I had the pleasure of being a brother with. It sets a standard for us, of how we conduct ourselves and how I do my job. Bryan wants our customer service model at Over Under to be unmatched, so that when people call they are impressed with that. We get compliments on our customer service responses, on how well we try to handle things over the phone so they don’t get stuck in an e-mail chain. One of Bryan’s main points is to try to have American-made, manufactured in the U.S. products only, as well as being able to have personable relationships with our customers and our retailers.”

Just one look at the company’s website (overunderclothing.com) shows the company’s affinity for dogs. “I myself don’t have a dog right now,” Wills said, “but Bryan’s Labrador Retriever and Taylor’s Wirehaired Pointer are with us, they’re in the office every day. They’re great dogs, they’re people dogs and it’s a lot of fun having them around.”