Inaugural First Amendment Institute hosted by the Fraternity & Sorority Action Fund

From September 30 to October 2, student leaders from across the country gathered to learn how to advocate for freedom of association on their campuses. They heard from fraternity and sorority industry experts, legal and advocacy experts, and campus professionals, and learned skills they can take home to protect their sorority or fraternity experience.

Former National Undergraduate Chairman Jake Netterville (Alpha Gamma–Louisiana State ʹ19) had this to say about his experience, “What I found most helpful specifically was the national polling statistics that we went over with Brad Todd, of Onmessage media group, who walked us through the different perceptions people have of Greek life. He helped us take a step back and see ourselves from an outside perspective. This new insight helped us understand how to better our reputation, promote our groups, and share the value of our groups in more efficient ways. 

My biggest takeaway overall from the event was simply the better understanding of what our rights are. Our freedom of speech and freedom of assembly did not seem black and white to me until I learned the full scope of our rights. We went over case after case of higher education targeting Greek life and directly infringing on those basic rights. Before this event, I was naive to the struggle currently playing out across the country. 

The institute prepared me to better defend my groups from outside attacks. I learned that we have rights that can supersede even the interest of our colleges and universities and that gives us an ability to stand strong when challenged.”

(L-R) Evan Hanna, Director of Chapter Operations; Aaron McKeever (Epsilon Nu–Georgia College ʹ19); Jake Netterville (Alpha Gamma–Louisiana State ʹ19); Lyle Johnston (Epsilon Nu–Georgia College ʹ19); Nathan Wingfield (Alpha Omicron–Arkansas ʹ20); Alex Barney (Lambda–Virginia ʹ20); Larry Stanton Wiese, Executive Director