Recruitment Materials Available!

Recruitment BrochureIt is that time of the year; recruitment season! In the continuous effort to assist KA’s undergraduate chapters be the best they can be, the following resources have been made available to enhance recruitment. All items are available for purchase on at or via direct download on this post.

Brochures: These folding brochures, featuring KA statistics, our values, and quotes from famous KAs, are perfect for handing out during tabling or mailing in an A7 envelope to potential new members.

Videos: Utilize KA’s new recruitment clips or videos like The Future Belongs to You! to capture the interests of potential recruits.

Bid Cards: You can’t give a bid without a BID CARD! Make sure to have plenty of these for recruitment as a lasting keepsake for members.

Stationary: Reach-out with a personal touch. Mail letters to alumni for recommendations or to recruits and their parents with details about KA with designed letterheadenvelopes, and business cards.

Pop-up Banner: This 33″ x 80″ banner, that matches the design of KA’s new recruitment brochures, is the easiest way to brand a room in your chapter house or tabling efforts on campus. Portable and lightweight.

Social Media Images: These are ready to use on your chapter’s Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter. Also, encourage your members to share on their personal accounts.