Top 8 Tips for Successful Summer Recruitment

School’s out for summer! Well, at least for those not taking courses to catch up or get ahead. This is often the time of year when chapter members disengage and are not as focused on doing things to move the chapter forward. However, this window of time has the potential to be some of the most impactful months for next year’s recruitment. The most successful recruiters know to take advantage of the summer to prepare for the fall semester, so the time to start planning is now! With spring exams quickly finishing up, here are a few easy things to implement that could have a major impact on your recruitment success next year:

1. Create a ChapterBuilder Account

If you are using a spreadsheet to manage your names list then you are behind the times. ChapterBuilder is a new technology that enables chapters to better manage their recruitment efforts by focusing on relationships and communication with potential members. The best part is that it’s FREE! Get started. 

2. Ask your university/college for the incoming freshmen list, transfer list and dean’s list

Not all campuses will give this information out but many will. It never hurts to ask your Greek advisor for this information, the worst they will say is no.

3. Ask for recommendations

Send an email to your local alumni, parents and sororities asking if they know of any men attending your school this fall that would make great KA’s.They can utilize this online form to submit a recommendation for any chapter of the Order.  If you do not have an alumni list or would like an updated one, contact your ADCS/ADCD and they can provide it to you.

4. Attend orientation

Many campuses allow fraternities to set up a table during freshmen orientation. This will allow you to meet all new incoming freshmen in person. Remember, if you sell the parents, you sell the potential member.

5. Identify feeder cities and high schools

It is very common for colleges and universities to regularly attract students from certain high schools, cities or regions. If there are large groups of students coming from particular areas, focus your summer recruitment efforts in those places. Reach out to the local high schools in those areas and request a list of seniors who will be attending your school in the fall. You can offer a scholarship to these incoming freshman as a way to generate new potential members.

6. Stay active on social media

Think about how much time you spend on social media each day; incoming freshmen are doing the same. Make sure someone in the chapter is responsible for regularly posting and portraying a positive image on all of your social media outlets.

7. Invite potential members to summer events

Once you have built your names list from recommendations, orientation, social media, etc., personally reach out to everyone on your list and invite them to an event where they can meet some members of the chapter. This can be as simple as a group of brothers and potential members attending a baseball game or meeting up for lunch.

8. Plan for fall rush now

The time to start planning and reserving space for fall rush is now. The more prepared you are going into the fall, the better off you will be. Planning and promoting great recruitment events does not happen overnight so get your recruitment committee together and get started.

The key to summer recruitment is to keep things simple. The main idea is to be the first chapter to reach out to potential new members. Most likely, other fraternities on campus are not recruiting throughout the summer; put in the extra effort now and you will see a major payoff once the fall semester begins!

If you have any questions about recruitment, contact your Associate Director for Chapter Services or the National Administrative Office at (540) 463-1865.