Improve Recruitment Results and Chapter Involvement in Recruitment with ChapterBuilder!

By: Anthony Graziani
Director of Chapter Development

Frustrated with the lack of interest and involvement from your chapter in recruitment? Tired of dealing with cumbersome spreadsheets? Interested in growing the size of your chapter and being more organized during recruitment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then ChapterBuilder will be a valuable resources for your chapter. Don’t forget to watch the video at the bottom of this page.

KA has entered into a partnership with a new recruitment technology called ChapterBuilder. Most chapters struggle with the concept of 365 recruitment. ChapterBuilder addresses this problem by making recruitment fun and easy for your whole chapter to participate in. The concept is simple, instead of tracking potential members on an outdated spreadsheet, you can manage all of your communication and information for potential members in an easy to use web based software that looks and feels like a social media platform. This technology gives you the ability to track your communication and interactions with potential members throughout the year and send them text messages and emails directly from the Chapter’s account.

KA Chapters across the country have already starting using this technology and have seen a dramatic improvement in their recruitment committee’s organization and effectiveness. For more information on how your chapter can utilize ChapterBuilder to improve your 365 recruitment efforts, please contact your ADCS/ADCD.